Best Small Grill Covers – Our Top Picks For You!

Grill covers are important to have for a grill. You can be a person who uses the grill every week or just once in a while, but everyone needs a grill cover to ensure that the grill is protected from dust, rust, and other stuff. The company of your grill is most likely to be selling grill covers. You need to check them out. If not, then you can get a best small grill cover from somewhere else just by going around and measuring the size of your grill. If you take care of your grill, then it will stay with you for years.

Best Small Grill Covers In The Market

1. Viboos Grill Cover

Viboos Grill Cover

This grill cover is the best-rated grill cover that you can find on Amazon. It is big enough to go on grills with two or three burners. However, a small version of the cover is also available. The material of the grill is dustproof and waterproof. It also protects your grill from the UV Rays of the sun. You can tightly secure the grill cover over the grill to make sure that it is nice and tight. The straps and the velcro straps make it very easy to do so. The cover can be used on a variety of grills. It comes in a light shade and a dark shade.

2. Classic Accessories Veranda BBQ Grill Cover

Classic Accessories Veranda BBQ Grill Cover

Though this article is essentially for the small grill covers, the Classic Accessories Veranda BBQ Grill Cover comes in 9 different sizes. So, even if you own a bigger grill, then you can just get that size. Grills of all different sizes can get their perfect fit here. It has air vents and a storage pocket where you can store accessories for the grill. It has secure straps that keep the grill in its place quite snugly. This one also has an elastic hem cord on it. The cover is made up of polyester.

The color of the grill is beige. It is light, so it can fade into the background of the decor. Polyester is water-resistant and dust resistant, it can protect your grill against a lot of environmental problems. It is well-liked by the public, with some great reviews on it. You should definitely check it out.

3. Simple Houseware BBQ Grill Cover

Simple Houseware BBQ Grill Cover

The Simple Houseware BBQ Grill Cover is a basic grill cover that is available in six different sizes. It can fit up to grills with two burners. It protects your grill from dust and water. The UV ray protection for the grill is also done by the grill cover. They have made sure that the grill cover should be durable because they have double-stitched it. Handles and straps are added to the grill cover so that they can be easily put on the grill and removed when necessary.

It is very easy to clean too. You can just wash it with water, and that will be enough. No special technique or equipment is required to clean the grill cover. It is very durable and fits the grills perfectly. You can go on ahead and get this grill cover on Amazon at a discounted price. Many users are very satisfied with the grill cover.

4. Grillman Premium BBQ Grill Cover

Grillman Premium BBQ Grill Cover

This one is found in different sizes. Though the variety is not as big as 9 different types of sizes, but it is good enough to fit the different kinds of grills. It is water-resistant and protects the grill from the UV rays of the sun. It has straps that can help you fit the grill properly. It makes the grill withstand the hard temperatures and also helps to keep it clean. The strapping can help with the wind-resistant nature. It helps in protecting the grill from regular wear and tear. 

This grill cover is very good, and we have heard a lot of good reviews about it from the users. However, the problem is that some of the users have warned us about the fact that even though there are straps on the grill, it is not that sturdy. So if you are living in an area where winds blow regularly, then this might not be the best grill cover for you. This is what some users have claimed.

5. Cuisinart Barbecue Grill Cover

Cuisinart Barbecue Grill Cover

The Cuisinart Barbecue Grill Cover is one of a kind. This is for the propane grill. It has a latch on the grill that allows you to reach for the propane tank even when the grill is covered up. It is an expensive one. If you are someone on a budget, then you can skip this one. If you don't have a propane grill, then you can skip this one. It is made of polyester, and it comes with a range of straps and handles to help you put on and off the grill.

It is mainly meant for the Cuisinart Barbecue Grill, but if you take in the measurements properly, then it can also fit a grill with similar dimensions. It is of good quality, so it is for sure going to last you quite a few years. It keeps your grill secure from a lot of elements.

6. Unicook Barbecue Gas Grill Cover

Unicook Barbecue Gas Grill Cover

If you are looking for durability as the top priority for the grill cover, then you have to go for this one. The Unicook Barbecue Gas Grill Cover is very durable, to say the least. It is a very good quality grill that has stood the test of time. Many users have said that the cover had lasted them for years. The material that the grill cover is made up of is coated in vinyl. It is dust-resistant and water-resistant. It is also made up of fade-free material, so it is going to hold the color longer. It also has a lot of straps that can fit your grill cover on your grill in a perfect fit.

7. King Kong Grill Cover and Accessories

King Kong Grill Cover and Accessories

If you are someone who owns a Weber grill, then this is the best grill cover for you. This grill cover comes in with three different kinds of accessories too. It comes along with a thermometer, a grill brush, and a set of tongs. It does have a variety of sizes, so it can fit almost all the Weber grills that you have. It also protects the quality grill from the UV rays of the sun. This assists in making sure that there is no fading in the color of the grill or the cover. 

Many users have tried this grill, and the majority of them seem to love it. This does come on as a good grill cover. It is dust-resistant and water-resistant. The added accessories in the pack also come in handy if you don't have them in the first place. Thereby, you don't have to buy all of them separately, and they come in a pack. You also save some bucks on this deal.

8. Blackstone Gas Grill Cover

Blackstone Gas Grill Cover

Blackstone Griddles are very famous in the grilling market. It is owned by a selected number of people, but they are all loyal to the griddle, and they are bound to do anything to protect this. Well, the Blackstone Gas Grill Cover is here for that. If you are among those selected people with a Blackstone Griddle, then you sure are going to love it. This grill cover will protect your precious grill from all the elements of harm. It has buckles to keep the cover in place.

It is very durable. You can expect your grill to be fine when this grill cover is on it. It has good quality, and the material canvas that it is made up of can protect the grill from dust, sun, and water. Some of them have also bought this in bulk amount for their friends and family.

Things To Look For In A Grill Cover

There are certain things that you need to take into co before you go ahead and buy a grill over. The first thing that you need to do is to take the measurements of your grill. Be sure to take the correct measurements of the grill. It is important to make sure that the grill is actually completely covered by the grill cover.


If your grill cover does not fit your grill in the first place, then what is the point? It is like buying clothes that won't fit you. Make sure that you check the size of the grill cover when you are browsing them online. It would be a real shame if you spent money and bought a grill cover only to find out that it is too small or too big for your grill.

The best way to avoid this blunder from happening is to buy a grill cover from the same company as your grill. Most of the grill-making companies are also making grill covers specifically for their grills. Some companies make grill covers for a lot of other brands of grills. You can check them out on the internet and then make a properly informed decision. Research is always more important than actually buying the stuff. If you don't do your research properly, then you can turn up with something unsatisfactory.


After getting the size of the grill down, you have to make sure that the quality and material of the grill are good. Most grill covers are made up of vinyl or polyester. They are the most common materials that are used, and that is for a good reason. They offer good protection to the grill. Vinyl and polyester are both dust and water-resistant. They prevent the grill from any wear or tear.

They can also be UV ray resistant and protect the color from fading. They are such good materials that they can very well not even get a scratch after being left outside one year around. The material should be good so that it does not rip.


The stitching also makes a big difference in the durability of the grill cover. Certain covers are double stitched, while others are single stitched. Make sure to look into all of this before you make the purchase.

Straps and Buckles

It would help if you also were looking out for straps and buckles on the grill. They keep the grill cover in place and secure on the grill. It won't just fly away on windy days. The air vents are also important to a grill cover. It prevents dampness inside by circulating the air. It is good for grills. So make sure that you keep an eye on that too. If all these criteria meet your needs, then that grill cover is the one for you. The grills are not delicate in any way, but if you do not take care of stuff, then they won't last long. Grills are the same. No matter how sturdy or durable it is, do make sure to take care of your grill.


Grills are an investment, and it is best to safeguard that investment. You might be wondering whether the grill actually even needs a best small grill cover. The answer is yes. You do need a grill cover. No matter what you think or how tranquil the weather seems around your house. There are certain things that can wear and tear your grill. You need to get a cover to protect your grill from those elements. We are very pleased to have provided a list of some awesome best small grill covers. Do make sure to check the measurements properly before you buy one.