7 Best Small Portable Grills of 2022

Grilling is fun, and grills are easy to come by nowadays. There are so many varieties and types of grills available now that it can be a little overwhelming to pick one out of the bunch. People think that small grills are not that good because of the limited space. They tend to go for the 'bigger the better' policy. Confused about which one to get? Here is a list of the best small portable grills that one can find in the United States of America.

Why Is A Smaller Grill Better In Certain Situations?

Well, the policy of 'bigger the better' is not always accurate because bigger grills lack something that the small grills have. Portability! Big grills might be great to have in a fixed location, but not if someone is trying to go hiking with a few friends and have a full-on outing where even the food is cooked outdoors. This sounds like an adventure, and it is pretty evident that a big grill is going to be a real pain to carry on a hike.

In such a situation, the smaller the grill, the better. Of course, there are going to be a few other factors that need to be taken into account. Personal preference is also a huge factor in selecting the best small portable grill that you are going to buy. There are several small portable grills in the market that you can get delivered right to your doorstep.

Small grills are underestimated the most, but people fail to understand how developed they are. Now the small grills can use any fuel source. Some of them even run on solar energy! They are all available at a reasonable price too. It is perfect for campers and people who live a nomadic lifestyle.

The United States is known for its love for the outdoors and camping. If you are planning on going to go camping this summer, we suggest that you go for a small portable grill that will meet your needs and be less of a hassle to carry around. 

7 Best Small Portable Grills

We have included several different kinds of grills that run on different fuel sources just to add in the variety. Many shoppers have different preferences, so there is something for every shopper.

1. Weber Jumbo Joe

1. Weber Jumbo Joe

This is a charcoal grill. We often crave that charcoal smoke and flavor in our food. 

The charcoal grill provides just that. It adds a rustic flavor to the food, which is perfect for any kind of outdoor picnic or camping.

Weber Jumbo Joe is perfect from every angle. It is affordable and easy to use.


  • It has a diameter of 18.5 inches, so that is a pretty decent size.
  • It has a dual vent system. One at the top and the other at the bottom. Smoking, grilling, and barbecuing can be done with ease.
  • It weighs around 22 lbs.
  • It also has an ash catcher, which makes cleaning so much easier.
  • All in all, it is a pretty good grill that meets the needs of the users with ease.


  • Portable and easy to use.
  • Affordable 


  • No thermometer is included.
  • Indirect heat cooking can not be done without buying the extra hinged grill grate.

2. Weber Q 1200

Weber Q 1200

This one is a portable propane grill. If you are not a fan of charcoal, then this one can be the perfect fit for you. This grill cooks the food much faster than a charcoal grill. Admittedly, this one is best for situations where the food needs to be cooked quickly. It is suitable for a group of 4 people. It can cook food in any weather.


  • It has a thermometer to help maintain the temperature of the grill.
  • Side tables are present to hold the tongs and utensils.
  • Enameled Cast Iron Grates to prevent flare-ups.


  • It can cook food at any temperature or weather.
  • Cooks good food a lot faster than a charcoal grill.
  • It gives a constant and even heat.


  • It is kind of on the heavy side weighing 30 lbs.

3. NomandiQ Portable Propane Grill

NomandiQ Portable Propane Grill

This is a very portable grill, more portable than any other grill on the list. It is a foldable grill. It folds up in the shape of a bag with a handle. It also weighs the lowest on this list, only 12 lbs.

It can just be carried around like a bag with little effort. It truly lives up to the name of a portable grill. It works excellent as well. Just opening up the grill snaps it open in a spread-out manner.


  • It is foldable and has handles so that anyone can easily carry it.
  • Pretty ample grilling space of 226 Square inches for a small portable grill.


  • Very easy to carry at last minute trips without even breaking a sweat.
  • Nice and even surface area for grilling and barbecuing.


  • The cost is pretty much on the higher side for such a small grill.
  • It does not hear up as well as the other options available for a cheaper price.

4. Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Tabletop Portable Gas Grill

Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Tabletop Portable Gas Grill

If you are on a budget, this grill is the best one for you. There are a lot of features that make the grill alluring, including the very reasonable price that one gets.

The grill works great, and it can be easily taken to the beach or on a hike. It weighs a lot less than the Weber grill but more than the NormandiQ portable grill.


  • It has an appropriate grilling surface of 145 square inches.
  • The porcelain grate is easy to clean and very handy.
  • It is less powerful than the Weber grill, but it heats up properly with the gas and cooks the food well.


  • Affordable for people on a budget.
  • Porcelain grate makes it easy to clean, and the need for changing grates does not arise.


  • It does not give a lot of heat but just enough to get the grilling done.
  • Less Sturdy than the other options in the market.

5. GoSun Go Portable Solar Cooker

GoSun Go Portable Solar Cooker

This one is for the people who are environment conscious and try to prevent the emission of fuels. It is a category of grill that recently came into existence, and it works very well.

The GoSun Go portable solar cooker is the best of its kind. It gives enough heat to cook meat thoroughly within a span of half an hour.


  • It is light and easy to carry over long distances.
  • It does not use any fuel, so there is no need to carry any charcoal or a propane tank.
  • It solely depends on solar energy.


  • It does not use any none renewable source of energy, so it is really good to do for the environment.
  • It gives a baked and broiled result which is good for the body. It does not need a lot of oil to cook food.


  • It solely depends on sunlight, so it can't be used for cooking at night. There is also an added risk of a cloudy day.
  • The traditional grill flavor is missing in the food cooked using this grill.
  • The cooking capacity of this grill is not very good. Burgers need to be shaped before being put on the grill, and you can not cook traditional barbecue meats like ribs.

6. BioLite Wood And Charcoal Grill Fire Pit

BioLite Wood And Charcoal Grill Fire Pit

This is for those who are not on a budget and would like to see something extra in their grill. The BioLite Wood and Charcoal Grill Fire Pit is primarily a grill, but it can also double as a fire pit.

This seems like the ideal grill that can be taken to an all-night camping trip.

Sitting around the fire pit and sharing ghost stories is a classic, and you do not have to worry about building a fire from scratch, which can be quite a tough job.


  • A fan setting can blow the smoke out of your face. Smoke blowing in the face is a significant discomfort at a camping trip, so that the fan can come in really handy. It also helps to kindle the charcoal while grilling.
  • It has good ventilation, keeping the burning coal for an extended period.
  • The coal tray rises to be closer to the grill. You can change the settings according to your wishes. Higher the tray, the more intense the heat.


  • The overall design is brilliant, and it functions well.
  • You get both a grill and a fire pit in the same product.


  • It is very expensive so not all people can afford this grill.
  • It peels over time, which considering how much you paid for it, is a significant con.
  • Grill grates are made of stainless steel rather than ceramic or nonstick.

7. Casus Biodegradable Bamboo Grill

Casus Biodegradable Bamboo Grill

This is a one time use grill. This might not be the best and most practical grill for people who are invested in grilling more than once. But for the people who are going on a hike for a rare occasion, or those who do not want the hassle to carry a grill back and forth, the Casus Biodegradable Bamboo Grill is the best one. It is also super affordable.


  • It can only be used once, but it gets scorching in a short amount of time. It lasts for well over an hour. You can cook anything on it.
  • It has a good enough surface space.
  • It is 100% biodegradable. It is made of bamboo charcoal cakes.


  • It is excellent for the environment because it is 100 % biodegradable.
  • After using it, you can bury it under the ground, and it will degrade naturally over time without harming the animals or soil around it.


  • One time use.


That brings us to the conclusion of the list of best small portable grills as well as the end of the article. We have tried to include vastly different types of grills in it. Choosing the right grill that is affordable, portable, meets the needs and cooks the food well in a natural environment must be a headache. Different people have different needs and different expectations out of a portable grill. I hope this article has helped you in the process of selecting the perfect grill that suits your situation.