How To Keep a Small Grill Lit?

Keeping a grill lit takes some practice. Keeping a small grill lit is going to take some skill. Grilling is all fun and games, but it does take a lot of effort to keep the charcoal going. The possibility of it dying out and ruining the food is high on a charcoal grill. But no gas grill can compare to the smoky taste that a charcoal grill leaves behind. So here are the tips that you have been looking for on how to keep a small grill lit.

Step 1: Start The Fire

First, you need to start the fire. Pile up the briquettes, and do not be stingy about using them. Open the vent and get the started cubes. When you start the fire, it is going to take 40 minutes to heat up to an optimum temperature before you can start cooking.

Step 2: Make Sure That You Are Using Dry Charcoal

It is crucial that you use dry charcoal. Wet charcoal will not burn for a substantial amount of time, and it is going to give off a lot of smoke. It is an absolute necessity to keep the charcoal dry. It can get wet sometimes if you are storing it in a damp place. The wet charcoal can be difficult to light, and they cause so much smoke that it will get suffocating. You can immediately tell if a charcoal is dry or not when you start the fire.

Step 3: Use Of Dampers

Dampers are built in every grill. They make the grill stay lit. Dampers allow the oxygen to circulate in the grill, and as you know, oxygen is like fuel to the fire. Every grill is set up with two or more dampers, so be sure to open them up when you are starting the fire. You can also control the dampers to make the heat high or low. It is a regulator. The more the oxygen, the more the fire.

Step 4: Stack It Up

Stack up your coals. Please do not leave them scattered. If you stack up the charcoal, it will stay lit for a more extended period. If you stack them up, the temperature will also be more. The position is also important. Stack them up in the middle of the grill.

Step 5: Keep Your Grill Clean

A clean grill will keep your fire going for a longer amount of time. Make sure that you clean your grill on a regular basis.

Step 6: The Weather

Well, you can not control the weather. However, keep in mind that damp weather can cause the charcoal to wet and stop burning. Too much windy weather can also be a hindrance. So plan your grilling day accordingly.


With the help of all these tips now on how to keep a small grill lit. we hope your grill stays lit for long and you can enjoy the delicious food cooked on it with your friends and family.