6 Best Small Cast Iron Grills of 2022

Cast iron grills can be an excellent way to get in the grilling experience. Both experts and novices can use the grill as they want. They are very effective in giving that extra hint of flavor in the food, and who does not want that different flavor? We are all insanely happy to bring this article today about small cast iron grills. Cast Iron grills are sometimes overlooked because of the other grills that are present in the competition. However, cast iron grills are really good. They work really well for beginners who are just easing into the new world of grilling. They are easy to use and handle. It makes them ideal for novices.

It can be a little intimidating to get the first cast iron grill that you are ever going to own. It is a big investment, and you might want to invest it in the right place. Therefore, it is important to do the research first, and then you can make an educated decision on which grill you want to get. Watching YouTube videos of experts recommending you a bunch of different small cast iron grills and rambling on about the grill's features without adequately explaining it can be a bit difficult for beginners to grasp. Now here are some of the best-cast iron grills that you can get on the market today. Take a look.

1. Sungmor Heavy Duty Cast Iron BBQ Grill

Sungmor Heavy Duty Cast Iron BBQ Grill

The cast iron grills are the best, which stands at the top of that list. The Sungmor Heavy Duty Cast Iron BBQ Grill might not be as small as you are hoping it to be, but it is smaller than a lot of other cast iron grills. Well, it has a unique build, and it looks like it will add more style to your patio or outdoor cooking unit. 

The stainless technology will make this small cast iron grill last for years. So, once you invest in it, you are going to have the benefits for a long time.

This grill is really loved among the grilling community. It works very well and reaches a high range of temperature. It also has built inside handles that can help you move the grill from one place to another without much of a hassle. We all know how difficult it can get to move a grill. The price is also reasonable for the excellent quality that you are getting. It is a beautiful grill. It is efficient and practical. The only drawback of the grill is that it might need some better ventilation. Some users have been placing complaints about the problem with the ventilation. It might be fixed soon enough.


  • The quality and design of the grill are outstanding.
  • It is heavy duty. So you can cook on it for hours without worrying about damaging it.
  • Thermal conductivity is best.


  • Ventilation needs a little bit of improvement. The problem does happen to be a significant disadvantage for some buyers out there.

2. IAXSEE Cast Iron Grill

IAXSEE Cast Iron Grill

This is a small portable cast iron grill that you can take along with you anywhere. It is an ideal grill for campers and tailgaters who want something small and easy to carry. It does not take up much space, and it works perfectly fine for making delicious food for two to three people. 

You can cook food without worrying a bit about the clean-up process. It is heat resistant, and it has a nonstick property to it.

This grill has a hollow inlet that helps in the circulation of the air. The ashes get collected in a proper place that can be easily disposed of once you are done cooking. It evenly cooks the food with the heat distribution in a uniform manner. Although it is really small in size, it can be very useful and last for a long time. It weighs around 3.75 pounds.


  • It has high heat resistance.
  • It is unique and beautiful to look at
  • The hallow air intel works wonders for the cooking of food.


  • It might not be durable for a more extended period of time.  

3. ChefMaster Cast Iron Grill

ChefMaster Cast Iron Grill

This grill is not suited for outdoor cooking, so you can not really take it camping or tailgating. However, if you are grilling in your backyard, then there is nothing better than the Chef Master Cast Iron Grill. It is a small cast iron grill. It weighs around 2.50 pounds. It heats up pretty well and insanely fast. 

It can reach a high temperature in just approximately 15 minutes. Since it is a small grill, you can not make full meals on it, but appetizers and smores can be made with ease.

It is also pretty easy to store. You might think that it is going to be really heavy, but it is not. It is a very compact grill, and we absolutely love the design on this one. It has a painted wood base that makes it look even better. Kebabs are the best food you can make on the ChefMaster Cast Iron Grill.


  •  It is perfect for indoor use. 
  • It is very durable and has a really unique design.
  • It heats up really fast.
  • It is very easy to store.


  • No visible and noteworthy disadvantages are found.

4. Jinding Cast Iron Grill

Jinding Cast Iron Grill

This is not just a grill. It is a complete unit. Have you ever watched Korean barbecues? Well, this is based on that style. It is for a single serving to a particular person. It is more of a Japanese-style grill rather than a Korean one, but you get the point. They are more or less the same. 

This grill is made to be set in the barbecue houses where one goes and grills their meat on the table. It is an experience in itself. Food indeed tastes better when you cook it.

This grill is not just a grill. It comes with a triangle stove and an insulated stove base. So it is a complete set where you can get grilling the moment you get it. There are many people who can use this at home. It is lightweight and easy to carry along. It weighs just approximately 1.79 pounds. You can easily get the grill anywhere you want. Some people complain about the authentic quality of the cast iron grill. Others are delighted with how quickly the grill can be set up and clean.


  • A very unique and cool Japanese-style grill has been incorporated in the Jinding Cast Iron Grill.
  • The grill is constructed pretty well.
  • It is lightweight and portable.


  • The grates might be a little thin for some people.

5. Mrk Lodge Cast Iron Grill

Mrk Lodge Cast Iron Grill

This is a very cool grill that fits the aesthetics of both indoor and outdoor grills. It is small and compact, so it is easy to move, if you are someone who likes to take your grill along to different places. You can cook on it outdoors and indoors. It is a very versatile grill, and it catches the eye. It is made up of good-quality pre-seasoned cast iron.

The black color gives an exquisite look to the grill. Customers have not complained about the paint peeling off or anything, which seems to be a major problem for many cast iron grills. It saves a lot of space and can be easily stored. Cleaning the grill is also easy. You do not have to worry about the hassle of cleaning a grill after having a hearty meal. It heats up quite nicely too.


  • It is very lightweight and portable. It can be used both indoors and also on the outdoors
  • The grill is very versatile. You can use it for different grilling methods.
  • It looks pretty cool. The dark black color attracts the eye.


  • It might not be enough for a big party or group of people. It is suited for a small group of people only.

6. Update International Cast Iron Grill

Update International Cast Iron Grill

If you are looking for a solo grill just for yourself, this is the match. The Update International Cast Iron Grill is a very compact and efficient grill that can be used to grill all kinds of food. This is a removable grill that makes the clean-up of the grill even easier. A unit contains a fuel holder. It looks beautiful too. The black or darkish paint gives off an elegant vibe. 

It is very compact and weighs only 2.25 pounds. You can carry it around as much as you want. It is compact, so it will not take up much space in the car either. You can take it camping or on a day at the beach.

The Update International Cast Iron Grill is perfect for searing as well as making smores. It is versatile in that manner. Some users have been complaining about the fact that the beautiful black paint on the grill starts to peel off after a year or two, so it might not be the best grill for a long-term investment. However, the grill is one of the best in the market. You can efficiently cook on it, and it gets the job done well. What else can you ask for?


  • It is very small and portable. Perfect for a single person. If you are in for a solo camping trip, just carry it along. You will be set.
  • It is affordable. You can get it for discounts too.
  • It looks fabulous with its dark design. It really catches the eye of people.
  • It heats up really quickly, and it is effortless to clean.


  • Many people have complained that the grill is made of cast iron and some other flimsy metal. This has not been proved, though.
  • After a few years, the paint begins to peel off, making the grill look very bad and not aesthetic.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know that the cast iron grill I am picking is good?

A: Check the reviews! If you are unsure about the grill you are picking, then the best thing to do is to check out the reviews for that particular grill. People leave reviews based on their experience with the grill. After reading the reviews, you can pretty much figure out whether the grill is good or bad.

2. Is a cast iron grill a necessity?

A: Well, it is not a necessity per se. It might be a matter of preference and opinion. If you are not into grilling, then you will never need the grill. However, if you are a frequent griller, then you do need a grill. It is up to you and your preference whether you would like a cast iron grill or not.

3. Is a cast iron grill better than a regular grill?

A: This is a very objective question. We do not know what floats your boat or what kind of cooking style you have. It totally depends on your preference. Cast iron grills are good. However, some people might prefer other material grills over cast iron ones. At the end of the day, it all depends on you.

4. Are cast iron grills durable?

A: The answer depends on the kind of grill that you are using. Different companies come up with different types of grills. Some are really good, while the others might not last long. It totally depends on which grill you are buying. Naturally, you would want the grill to be durable and last long. Therefore, it is essential to do your research beforehand.


Cast Iron Grills might be some of the best variety of grills that you can find. It sure is handy to have a small cast iron grill when you are starting your grilling experience. It might not be that easy to choose one, though. We hope that this article has been helpful in getting your perspective on focus. Hopefully, you will pick a grill that meets your needs and suits you the best. Have a good day!