26 Amazing Small Patio Grill Ideas For Your Home

Patio grilling is one of the best experiences that you can indulge in, in this world. There is really something primal about grilling food in the open and sharing it with your loved ones. It brings people closer to each other. If you are thinking of getting an outdoor or a patio grill, then you will need to select an aesthetic first. Here are some of the best small patio grill ideas that one can come up with.

1. Small but Simple

If you do not have much of an area in the backyard, then no need to worry because this does not mean that you will have to compromise and get a small grill. You can get a built-in grill and a small pergola which will fit nicely in the backyard. If you are someone, who is interested in aesthetics, then it's better to choose a color theme too. This design is simple, but it is cute and practical.

2. Everything In Place

This is the design that allows the grill to sit at one spot, and there is no need to build it on something. The tabletop and the sink are also added so that no one needs to make trips back to the house often. You can perform all your prep work beside the grill itself and then eat delicious food at the set of tables and chairs in the compound. Everything is just in place.

3. Basic Grill

There is nothing more basic than a simple charcoal grill in the backyard. But hey! We are not judging. Sometimes, the basic things are the best in life. We always come back to our basics at one point in time. Basic designs can also be optimum for people living in apartments or people who do not have much have a backyard. They also can enjoy the process of grilling by using the basic charcoal grill. The food tastes fantastic, and it is fun.

4. Cover It Up

If you are not a fan of open spaces and cooking under the bare sky, but you still want to have a feeling of outdoor cooking, then you just need to cover up the space above you. It can be stunning with glass and stained glass if you want. Hanging baskets and vines can also add a little touch of green to the area. The grilling will be done outdoors, but still, you have a sheltered space to sit, eat and gossip with your friends.

5. Grill And Chill

An open space with lots of good lighting and a pool gives the entire vibe of 'chilling'. Walkways and breezy passages, along with the wafting smell of grilling meat and veggies, are sure to relax you up. This is an excellent idea for a patio grill. It is practical, and it looks absolutely beautiful too. It has more of a modern outlook to the entire grilling experience. The pool can also provide a reprieve during hot summer months.

6. Extensions

Extensions of your house into the outdoor area can be done. It is preferred to areas where there is space available for extension. But don't worry, even if you have a little bit of space, you can just create a shades overhang that will provide a quiet little nook for you to grill and enjoy the outdoors.

7. Faux Stone

Natural stones are great for patio ideas. However, they can be very expensive, so that you can get faux stones instead. Faux tiles can be as good as original stones. They look just as good, and not many people will be able to tell the difference.

8. Tabletop Grills

Tabletop grills are convenient, and they are just perfect for people who do not want to commit to a bigger grill. These grills are small, and a lot of them run on electricity. The grills can even be moved around the patio for convenience, and they can also be taken on trips.

9. Rustic Backyard Grill

The rustic style is one of the most beautiful in existence. It never goes out of style. The beauty of stone arches and the rugged look of the patio grill beings a sense of satisfaction to whoever lays an eye on it. Weathered wood adds more texture and a rustic feel to the entire look. Wooden tables and chairs are the best addition to the whole setup.

10. The Showroom

Splurge a little to convert your patio into a Pinterest-worthy grilling idea. It is incredible how much a plot of land can be changed by adding in the beautiful furniture and the grill of your choice. The color theory might come to play if you are someone who is into stuff like perfect harmony. It is both effective and easy on the eyes.

11. Ready To Move In

A grilling patio that looks more like a home than an outer area. You can just move in here with your stuff and live there for days on end. It is highly equipped with furniture. It has good food and drinks. You can just sit around and chill here. A wood stove might be perfect for the place.

12. The Wide Open

If you have a good amount of space, make good use of what is available. Not many people have the luxury of access to a lot of space. When you have a lot of space, it is best to set up the grill in the middle and place the furniture around it. Use the spacing to create an atmosphere of the outdoors. It is a lot of fun to step back and take a breather in all the open space. It is liberating in a way.

13. Quartzite And Stone

You can get a marble countertop to make a beautiful contrast with the stone patio that you might have. Marble is not really a cheap material, so that it can cost you a lot. In the event of you, not having a sufficient budget, you can go for quartzite. Quartzite is porous, so they need to be appropriately sealed. It is relatively a lot cheaper than marble. It also gives off that elegant look that you can get from the marble. Quartzite is also more durable than marble, so it is a win-win for you.

14. Evening Lights

You can just go ahead and add the evening lights to the patio. There is something magical about having an array of twinkling lights over your head while you chat with your friends and family and listen to the sizzling of the grill. The grill can be put to face the sitting area so that the cook can also enjoy being a part of the entertainment group—a complete outdoors unit with a magical atmosphere.

15. Minimalistic

The modern minimalistic outlook is the rave right now. The colors are neutral in this setting to add to the contemporary look. The wood fire grill and brick walls give the area a statement look. The table and chairs along the sides of a pool provide a very sleek design to the entire thing. We love it.

16. Garden And Flowers

While we are not telling you to put your flowers exactly beside the grill, it can serve as a romantic aesthetic if you invest in a flower garden around the sitting area. Cooking grills can be placed a little further to prevent any accidents. This decor idea gives a real naturalist vibe and is perfect for the people who enjoy being in the lap of nature and smelling the fragrant flowers when they eat their delicious food.

17. A Bar Or A Refrigerator

When people are enjoying a barbecue, they generally have drinks along with it. A good grill patio should have a built-in bar. You can even have just a refrigerator if you do not have the budget. Having a sip or two of a cold drink while waiting for the main food item is an exhilarating experience. Try to have the grill in sight so that you can enjoy the cooking process too.

18. Herb Garden

Having a herb garden near your grill is an excellent idea. You can grow your own herbs, and then when you are grilling, you can just get those herbs within arms to reach, and they will be extremely fresh too. The herbs will be essential to the cooking, and they can also provide a beautiful visual to the people.

19. Blend With Nature

It is easy to see the appeal of nature. The naturalistic style pops up quite often, and it is really perfect for the people who love little greenery in their space. Boulders and concrete countertops are the way to go with this style. Boulders will look like a part of the natural setting. It just blends right in. Natural light is the best for this kind of a setting.

20. Pergolas

Pergolas are a trending style now for the outdoors. It provides shelter to the area as well as emits style in all directions. It is a grand way of marking your patio grill area, and you can relax here even when you are not barbecuing. This is a cool-off spot.

21. Wooden Magic

This is for people living in an urban area. A touch of brown will enhance the dull colors of city life. It can get a bit costly to get the entire set in high-quality sleek wood but if you have the budget, then go for it. A concrete countertop can live up to the urban lifestyle. A reminder of what you are living in. This is a very minimalistic and sleek design. Not suitable for a lot of people.

22. Balcony

Even if you do not have access to an outdoor space or a backyard, you can create your grill patio on your balcony. It is a smart way of implementing things, and it can be a cozy nook and spot for you to share with your friends. Adding evening lights will also help a lot.

23. Concrete Jungle

Even if you are living in the heart of the city, you can still have ways to get a relaxing and warm outdoor experience with grilling. Long fences can be a way to shut out all the unwanted sights. This provides you with a personal space where you can have a great time by yourself or with your friends and family. Or you can enjoy it alone too if that's how you like it.

24. On The Deck

If you do not have the space to place the grill on your patio, you can place it on the deck. Give it a rustic look with the natural stones. The texture is also very important. Pay attention to the kind of texture that you want. A sleek grill will be fantastic to place on the deck. You can also include LED lights in the deck. This adds proper and beautiful lighting.

25. Side Yards

Many people overlook the side yards of their homes. This is mainly prominent in the suburban areas, and they are generally ignored. But they can be great places to create a private little bit of grilling area. You can decorate it as you want. It is a little nook for spending time chilling with your friends and eating good food and drinks.

26. Fireplace Paradise

It will be interesting to have a fireplace on your patio. This gives off a camping feel to the entire scene. Grilled meat along with a fireplace goes well together. The fireplace can be seen as a Victorian addition to the scene on second thought. You can always customize it, in order to make this personalized.


Small patio grill ideas are awesome. There are a zillion options you can choose from. You can also unleash your creative side and then also take elements from different ideas and bring them all together. Take care of the kind of grill that you are getting to fit in your space too. Overall, the concept matters. No matter how small or big your space is, with proper small Patio grill ideas, you can turn it into something beautiful with proper planning.